Smart Cities

The cities of the future are growing around us, and advances in Artificial Intelligence will improve everything from public transport and city operations to planning for shops, offices, homes and the environment, ensuring sustainable growth.

By 2040, 65 percent of the world’s population will be living in cities.

(Europa study on Smart City project)

Smart Cities & Sustainable Growth

The cities of the future are increasing in size and population at an unprecedented rate, making sustainable growth an urgent and essential goal. Smart Cities use data collected from a wide variety of sensors and sources to supply information on population behaviour and movement, which in turn can help manage a wide variety of assets and resources efficiently, including traffic and transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks and waste management, police work, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services.

Supply Chain Benefits

The information explosion of the smart city – and the huge benefits it can achieve – extends out to all parts of the commercial world. Arup estimates that the global market for smart urban services will be $400 billion per annum by 2020. This means in a very short space of time it will be vital for companies looking to stay ahead of the competition to understand how they can exploit their technology and data.

People Movement

Currently city planners rely on data that can be out-of-date, qualitative and unreliable. The Local Government Association 2018 report ‘The Intelligent Counci’ identifies the shortcomings of Council’s existing intelligence, such as a reliance on out-of-date census data, disparate sources, and qualitative anecdotal political and local populace inputs.

Understanding people movement and how we engage with our environment is central to optimising public policy and investment decisions.

What can we provide?

With years of experience gathering and analysing huge sets of complex data to help transport operators improve their service to passengers, we know how to make sense of the complex interactions within a city environment. Our innovative technology transforms the understanding of people movement and behaviour, providing clients with powerful tools to optimise their services.

Using data from a wide range of available digital sources we can create a unique overview of how people interact with their environment and the services and commercial outlets within them. Machine learning and AI allows us to analyse this data and identify key trends which can help inform strategic decision making, leading to better forward planning, improved efficiency, less time lost on modelling, and greater sustainability.

Ready To Deploy

Our system can work with existing digital systems, while our commercial partnerships span the UK meaning we are able to move immediately to start collecting and analysing data wherever you are.

Easy To Use

In addition to reports and data feeds, insights can be viewed from an intuitive dashboard interface which can be queried to provide the information you need.

Scalable for any Organisation

Whatever type of city stakeholder you are, whether you are a local authority, a small business looking to take advantage of the growing insights of big data or a city regional office working to plan long term developments, we can tailor our work to suit your needs, from strategy through to delivery.

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