Information & Entertainment on demand

The Service Explained

LetsJoin provides and manages a state-of-the-art content system designed to improve and enhance the passenger experience, reduce costs for operators and provide a viable revenue stream. We offer four principal services:

  • Management of the technical infrastructure and software to deliver the LetsJoin service;
  • Data analytics providing insight into who your passengers are and how they use your service;
  • On-board content to reduce expensive Wi-Fi data consumption and greatly improve the customer experience;
  • Membership of a national media network creating an incremental revenue stream to offset the cost of Wi-Fi provision;
Data & Analytics
Reduced Costs
On-Board Content

Six Key Benefits to Operators

An opportunity for incremental revenue

Reduced cost of WiFi

End-to-end management and delivery of the WiFi content service

Analytic tools to capture and interpret user data

Improved passenger experience and satisfaction

Improved passenger communication

Valuable Passenger Data

Our analytic data tools are providing our transport partners with invaluable passenger insight that has never previously been available, allowing operators to develop more effective and targeted marketing campaigns. As a result of this improved understanding and connectivity operators are seeing customer satisfaction levels that are three times higher than conventional on-board Wi-Fi with customer complaints having reduced on a daily basis to almost zero.

How do we do it?

LetsJoin Onboard server delivers passenger information, passenger services, content & crew support services

LetsJoin installs their servers directly into each vehicle providing a stable WiFi connection with fast content streaming.
Data costs to the Operator are reduced as passengers’ stream content from the on-board server, with only one copy downloaded. Passengers can access this content instantly and simultaneously.

Transport types we cover

The service can be deployed on bus, tram, rail, taxi, ferry and air networks.

Case Study

The LetsJoin network is currently deployed on all 700 vehicles of Transport for Edinburgh’s Lothian Bus fleet – the largest installed base of its type in the world.

LetsJoin and Transport for Edinburgh are working together in partnership to provide passengers with an enhanced journey experience. Passengers have access to service information, news, entertainment and video content through their mobile device.

The service is super-fast, stable and free to passengers whilst offering Transport for Edinburgh unprecedented levels of communication with their passengers. LetsJoin utilises the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to deliver its content and information which is accessible on-board all vehicles.

LetsJoin manages and services the entire network to ensure reliability for both Transport for Edinburgh and its many passengers. Since the service deployed in September 2015 LetsJoin has demonstrated a reduction in passenger data of up to 30%.

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