The India Times has reported that NEC Technologies has won a smart city contract for Hubli-Dharwad, population one miillion.

The Times states that the project is expected to go live by mid-2019.

Under the project, the company will implement an integrated command and control center (ICCC) city wide surveillance system and ICT-based solid waste management system.

The company will also integrate the ICCC with various other smart city elements, including an intelligent transport management system, parking management system, smart poles, a geographic information system and power and water SCADA, and will centrally track garbage collection activity through RFID tags placed around 300,000 households bins.

“In order to make Hubballi Dhwarwad one of the best smart cities in India, the company will utilise it’s expensive experience in implementation of ICT based smart city solutions across the globe to introduce and integrate a variety of smart city elements and the ICCC,” Takayuki Inaba, managing director at NEC Technologies India, said in a statement.